photo Gallery

A compilation of pictures from our movement

Do you have pictures that you want to share with us? Please send them with details and photo credit to [email protected] and we will upload and share with the community. 

Mario Compean with fellow Committee for Barrio Betterment candidates for San Antonio City Council, 1971. L-R, Guillermo “Willie” Benavides, Gloria Cabrera, Rosie Castro, Mario Compean

Campaign poster, Mario Compean for Governor, Raza Unida Party 1978 (photo courtesy:  Fred R. Garza, San Antonio)

Mario Compean speaks at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Fall 1978. (photo courtesy: Ramon Vasquez y Sanchez, San Antonio, TX)

Mario Compean with Cesar Chavez (L)), Memorial Union,  University of Wisconsin-Madison, Fall, 1992

Mario Compean with Alberto Luera (R), Los Angeles Mexican Restaurant, San Antonio, TX, October, 2017.

Mario Compean, pose holding campaign poster, Mario Compean for Governor, Raza Unida Party 1978,  Dia de la Raza Commemoration, El Tropicano Hotel, San Antonio, TX October, 2018.

Mario Compean at Rosie Castro’s 70th birthday celebration, May, 2018 (L-R, Ana Rojas, Irma Mireles, Rosie Castro, Mario Compean, Linda Valdez Cantu)

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