Mujeres Pro Raza Unida, ERA & Chicana Feminism

A movement that triggered change…


We are working to gather more literature on the Women Pro Raza Unida Party, if you have any literature that would like to be added, or if you would like more details on it, please contact [email protected].


Chicana por mi Raza Digital Memory Project and Archive was created by professor Maria Cotera and scholar Linda Garcia Merchant in 2009. Oral histories and archiving on Raza Unida Party women continues; current holdings include Raza Unida Party leaders and activists Ruth Mojica Hammer, Rosie Castro, Alma Canales, Evey Chapa, Maria Jimenez, Maria Elena Martinez, Linda Del Toro, Martha P. Cotera, Modesta Treviño, Lupe Anguiano, etc.

Martha & Juan Cotera – packing to move to Colegio Jacinto Trevino 1969

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The reunion will be funded by members and sponsors like yourself, we kindly appreciate your support. To make a tax-exempt donation to La Raza Unida Party 50th year Reunion make a check or money order payable to Greater Dallas Legal and Community Development Foundation, Inc. and mail it to PO Box 19457, Austin, Texas 78760. For questions, please contact Linda del Toro at (512) 415-3278; [email protected]